> Low and Medium Voltage Circuit Breaker Services

Older power circuit breakers often contain asbestos arc chutes that are an environmental and safety concern with maintenance personnel. Original manufacturer’s replacement parts for vintage circuit breakers may no longer be available and the used equipment market may not be able to supply dependable parts. Power circuit breakers are being asked to do more than ever before including motor start duty and other repetitive operational requirements. Older circuit breakers require continual maintenance and repetitive refurbishing in order to preserve reliability and avoid unexpected downtime. Ground Support circuit breaker services can provide enhanced performance and reliability, and offer a cost effective option to complete switchgear replacement.

> Our Services:

> Low and Medium Voltage Circuit Breaker Management Testing and Repair
> Low and Medium Voltage Circuit Breaker Retrofits

The team at Ground Support can provide services to your company anywhere in the continental US within 16-24 hours when time is of essence.