> Load Tap Changer Maintenance

The maintenance of your Load Tap Changer (LTC) is one of the most critical maintenance requirements your transformer will ever require. The LTC is a very complex and intricate mechanical device that requires truly experienced technicians to perform maintenance and repairs.

> Our Services:

> Barrier Board Inspections and Repairs
> Operational Inspections
> Vacuum Bottle Testing
> Load Tap Changer Control Upgrades
> Load Tap Changer Retrofits
> Contact Upgrades
> Vacuum Interrupter Replacement
> Passive filtration systems
> Leak Repairs
> Cleaning
> Control and Drive Systems Repairs

> Manufacturers & Models Serviced:

> Westinghouse
> Allis Chalmers / Siemens
> Delta Star
> Ferranti-Packard
> Federal Pacific
> General Electric
> Moloney
> Reinhausen
> Waukesha
> Westinghouse

The team at Ground Support can provide services to your company anywhere in the continental US within 16-24 hours when time is of essence.