> Iso-Phase Services

Ground Support utilizes environmentally internal IPB cryogenic cleaning. With proper cleaning and maintenance, you can extend the life of your isolated phase bus duct system. Our experienced technicians can assist with IPB inspection and cleaning services. As time is critical in an outage, Ground Support’s priority is completing repairs safely, on time, in budget and to the highest quality. Ground Support brings knowledge and experience to your project.

> Our Services:

> Iso-Phase Welding and Equipment Setting
> Hipot Testing
> Segregated and Non Segregated Bus Bar Systems
> Aluminum Switchyard Substation Welding
> Generator Breaker and Enclosure Installation, Retrofit and Repair

> We Stock:

> Braided Connectors
> Buss Insulators
> Buss CT’s
> Old style GE Iso-phase Bushings

The team at Ground Support can provide services to your company anywhere in the continental US within 16-24 hours when time is of essence.