> Emergency Equipment Failure Services

Weather you need a spare transformer or new unit on an emergency basis, Ground Support can help. In an emergency situation, analysis and reaction to the situation is crucial. The reaction time of our technicians allows us to be on site in a matter of hours.
Ground Support has the ability to repair and rebuild failed equipment onsite to get the plant back into operation in the fastest and safest way possible. We can manage the long term replacement and repair of damaged equipment during scheduled outages.

> Our Services:

> Clean tops of batteries, racking, cabinet etc.
> Guaranteed labor and spare parts availability when and where you need them.
> Optimized maintenance investment means you can get higher reliability for less money.
> Deep analysis of your installed base by our experts gives you an in depth overview of your complete fleet.

> We Stock:

> Qualitrol parts
> Medium voltage cable terminations
> Dessicant gel beads
> Transformer bushings
> SF6 breaker parts
> Protective relays
> Buss insulators
> Wide variety of other parts

The team at Ground Support can provide services to your company anywhere in the continental US within 16-24 hours when time is of essence.